You show me your real self and nothing else When you treat us like we are nothing Just because you have the power To give us marks and The power to fail anyone of us . What do I feel in such situations? Maybe pity for your small kingdom of yourself where you sink in … Continue reading University


No matter What happens to the world But stopping for a minute And taking a deep breath Would always make people Living their lives again.

1:50 AM

বহুতো কথা মোতেই আৰম্ভ হৈ মোৰ মাজতেই বিলীন হৈ যায় থাকি যায় কেৱল যাক লৈ সৃষ্টি সেই কথাবোৰৰ তেওঁক ক'ব নোৱাৰাৰ হতাশা । Many things starts And ends inside me Leaving The frustration Of not being able To tell the one For whom These words Are created.

Dear Time

This rate of wasting you Scares me a lot. I must get rid of my longing To waste you more Thinking I will have you always.

If you ever feel lonely Struggling in the sea of suffering And you could not get out of it Will you remember me then? On rainy days If you ever see your gloomy face Because of the uncertainty of the rainbow Will you seek for me among the clouds? On the days When you will … Continue reading

The full moon cries, ''O my child, why don't you look at me? You could also enjoy my struggle To get out of the arms of the golden clouds tonight.'' But do we hear the sound of that musical voice? We have become too busy to stop for a moment And to feel ourselves alive … Continue reading

The emptiness of words In our minds Could be a blessing At the moments When we forget The reality Around us.

পথ হেৰুৱা পথিকক হাতত ধৰি নোৱাৰিলেও এষাৰ‌ মাতেৰেও তেওঁৰ পথৰ ঠিকনা দিব পাৰি । বিনিময়ত একো নাপালেও কিবা জানো হেৰায় ?

জয়ৰ আনন্দ বেছি পৰ নিটিকে The happiness of winning does not last long পৰাজয়ৰ বিষাদো সদায় নাথাকে The sadness of losing does not stay forever শিকাৰ মূল্য আজীৱন ৰৈ‌ যায় The value of learning remains for the lifetime.


Frustrating thoughts Frustrating experiences Frustrating observations Frustrating conversations Frustrating failures Frustrating judgements Frustrating laziness Frustrating loneliness Frustrating politics Frustrating wars Frustrating pollution Frustrating noise Frustrating news Frustrating mosquitoes Frustrating truths ... Yet there is beauty Worth praising. ... Beautiful raindrops Beautiful fear of the thunder Beautiful hearts Beautiful ability to not give up Beautiful kindness … Continue reading Life