The sound of rain

Right before the brain decides

To end the day

With a magical chemistry called sleep…

If that’s not love,

What is?

How to Save Time on Facebook : some interesting features

Facebook has changed the way how we exchange our feelings or views with the rest of the world. Making friendships with anyone has become a matter of a click on the screen. However, while Facebook has so much to give to our lives, it also consumes a lot of time. So how do you stop wasting time on Facebook? Facebook itself provides a few features which help saving time on the app. This video is about these features.

Lockdown Discoveries

Most of the doubts we have

About life

Are nothing but the by products of

The facts that we are somehow privileged

And that we don’t have to worry about

Satisfying the fire of hunger.

Short post

If you consume too much motivational quotes/videos ,they themselves become your new comfort zone. Only action can liberate you. So whatever you want to do- just start.


এসময়ত সমস্যা আছিল- তথ্যৰ অভাৱ।
এতিয়াৰ সমস্যা হ’ল- খুব বেছি তথ্য।

Once the problem was- lack of information.

Now the problem is- too much information.

যিদৰে খোৱা বোৱাত বাছি নাখালে(যিটো প্ৰায় অসম্ভৱ) নিজৰ শৰীৰৰে দিগদাৰ হ’বগৈ, কি তথ্য/আলোচনা/সমালোচনা-ত মন দিম সেইটো ঠিক কৰি নল’লে (এইটোও প্ৰায় অসম্ভৱ) নিজৰে সমস্যা হ’ব।
উদাহৰণস্বৰূপে, সোঁতত উটি গৈ মনেৰে গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ বুলি নভবা বিষয়টোত গুৰুত্ব নিদি সেইকণ সময়(প্ৰায় এঘণ্টা) Yuval Noah Harariৰ এটা আলোচনা চোৱাৰ সিদ্ধান্তটো মোৰ মনৰ কাৰণে স্বাস্থ্যকৰ বুলি উপলব্ধি কৰিব পাৰিলোঁ।

If we don’t maintain (which is not easy)a healthy diet,it would lead to a unhealthy body. In the same way, if we don’t decide wisely where to focus our attention on it would lead to a unhealthy mind. For example , I’ve realised that the decision of mine, to watch the discussions of Yuval Noah Harari on you tube instead of spending my time on the unnecessary trollings in social media(recently a trend of trolling someone unfairly has been going on which I don’t support), was a healthy decision for my mind.

নিজক নিজেই যদি সহায় নকৰোঁ, কোনেও সহায় কৰিব নোৱাৰে, বিশেষকৈ যিটো সময়ত গৰিষ্ঠসংখ্যকেই নিজৰেই সহায় কৰিব নোৱাৰে- ক’ত মনোযোগৰ প্ৰয়োজন সেইটো নিৰ্দ্ধাৰণ কৰাত।

If I don’t help myself, nobody else can, specially at this time when the majority of people cannot decide for themselves where to focus their attention on.

Thank you for reading. (I’ve written both in Assamese and English because the original content is in Assamese but most of my readers are from outside Assam.)

PS: Two women have made mistakes in their interviews. One said Aquaman was her favourite marvel character, and the other said she thought she was the first female choreographer of Assamese Film/entertainment industry. Not a big issue,right? But people are trolling them unfairly. I can’t imagine myself in their positions and of being able to get through the burden of getting trolled at this rate. I don’t know what has happened to most the people. They just need a tiny excuse to make anyone’s life miserable.

Lucy:Humanity’s oldest ancestor!

Hi everyone! This is a video from my youtube channel. This video is made in Assamese language on one of the earliest Hominid fossil remains : Lucy. Hope you would like it. Thank you!

Gratitude and…

Covid19 days

Assam, one of the eight Northeastern states of India,is also going through the covid19 pandemic. Every year we face flood in the summer,i.e. the worst is yet to come. This year has been really very very tough for us. We have gone through a series of protests against the government because of a controversial act and now before that issue had resolved, this covid19 appeared. This is an extraordinary situation that none of our generation, of our previous generation has faced before. So we are clueless about what is going to happen. The government is doing its best to safeguard the population against this micro-enemy that is not even visible. We are in a national lockdown till 14th April along with the rest of the country, which may be extended further. Schools and colleges have been closed since 15 March. Everything is closed except the healthcare services and other emergency services. I’ve been inside home since 15th . I live in a rural area. Some people here donot seem to understand the fact that how serious the problem is. They are still roaming around. Awareness programmes are everywhere- on the tv everyday,on the social media and even the caller tunes of the telecom companies are related to the crisis. Still they are going outside their homes. The state health minister is really leading from the front. He is such a good speaker that he can explain everything in very simple language so that the majority of people understand. Lately,he made an honest appeal to the government employees to help at least 5 poor families near their homes by giving them basic food supplies. Most of the employees are responding positively to that appeal . But I’ve noticed recently that there are different types of people regarding this-
1.People who are helping others+don’t take photos of their acts
2.People who are helping others+ take and share photos of that
3.People who neither help nor criticize others for sharing their photos
4.People who don’t help but judge others for helping and sharing photos of that
This is just an objective observation,no judgement involved. This is really a tough time. Our economy is suffering too. I’m afraid about the economy too. The main source of any government’s earning is taxing . Since everything is closed,the government cannot collect tax. So it would be bigger problem if this crisis stays for a very long period. Hope this ends soon . I want to return to the relative peaceful days of pre-corona days. This is just not easy for us humans to lock ourselves inside our homes.

These days

Let’s stop for a while

And think about the connections you have made so far

With the Earth

With life

With other lives

With pain

With suffering

With beauty

With happiness

With the sky

With everything.

No matter what happens

This time will be gone too

Leaving a message for all of us:

Perhaps about the meaning

That we all search for

Which always has been there

In these connections we have made.

Small pox, its vaccine, Edward Jenner and Corona Virus:বসন্ত ৰোগ, ইয়াৰ প্ৰতিষেধক, এডৱাৰ্ড জেনাৰ আৰু ক’ৰ’ণা ভাইৰাছ

ক’ৰ’ণা ভাইৰাছে বিয়পোৱা শংকাৰ মাজতে ইতিহাসৰ পাতত পাওঁ প্ৰকৃতিৰ প্ৰত্যাহ্বানক গ্ৰহণ কৰি আগুৱাই গৈ থকা মানৱ সভ্যতাৰ কাহিনী। এডৱাৰ্ড জেনাৰ এই কাহিনীৰে এটা অধ্যায়ৰ অংশ। এতিয়া ক’ৰ’ণা ভাইৰাছ প্ৰকৃতিৰ নতুন প্ৰত্যাহ্বান। পাৰিমনে আমি মানৱ সভ্যতাই ইয়াক পৰাস্ত কৰিবলৈ?

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