She Came Back

She wasn't home last time I went home; She had gone to some unknown place I wonder how she survived! It's great to see you again dear, I missed your presence in the mornings; When I would open the door and call your name And you would not be there, waiting for me. Talking to … Continue reading She Came Back

Gary Vee

Thank you! Thank you for everything. I found you on Tom Bilyeu's show 'impact theory', I listen to you on you tube, I listen to you on Instagram. Sometimes I feel you are the voice on my head finding an expression You show me the value of this life You show me the importance of … Continue reading Gary Vee

Dear Friend (1)

How do you recognize The melancholy I carry When I smile? Do my lips or my eyes Express it so clearly? I know how scared you are ; Life also hits you hard . I wonder how you manage To show a different version of yourself to the world. By the way, I like that … Continue reading Dear Friend (1)