How to Save Time on Facebook : some interesting features

Facebook has changed the way how we exchange our feelings or views with the rest of the world. Making friendships with anyone has become a matter of a click on the screen. However, while Facebook has so much to give to our lives, it also consumes a lot of time. So how do you stopContinue reading “How to Save Time on Facebook : some interesting features”

In my place

এই বানত উটি নাযায় মোৰ সপোন চিন্তা নকৰিব ; মোৰ সপোন যোৱাটো বানেই ধুই নিলে। Don’t worry This flood cannot take away my dream; Last year the flood taught me how to not dream. ( Assam has been effected by the flood every year. This is a sign of my powerlessness in front of theContinue reading “In my place”

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