Watch “মৰিয়ম মিৰ্জাখানি ( Maryam Mirzakhani): ফিল্ডছ মেডেল বিজয়ী বিশ্বৰ প্ৰথমগৰাকী মহিলা গণিতজ্ঞ” on YouTube

In between

You come You go You have to live in between. You pay You buy You have to think in between. Blue sky Green waters There’s a space in between. You listen You watch You have to speak in between. Night Day There’s a dawn in between. You eat You sleep You have to act inContinue reading “In between”

Heart wants to tell

Everyone of us is struggling, right There’s a struggle to open an account with quality content. We have to give a lot of time to our blogs to maintain its quality. To upload a quality content takes time. To feel the embarrassment of sharing the link to the WhatsApp status is a struggle. Our soContinue reading “Heart wants to tell”

3 Idiots

#1 3 idiots(2009). It tells the audience, specially the young ones, about education, success, friendship, rat race, courage, innovation…. It also has a great sense of humor. It was the first movie that inspired me to view life from a different perspective. 3 idiots is a Bollywood film staring Amir Khan, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi,Continue reading “3 Idiots”

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