Gary Vee

Thank you! Thank you for everything. I found you on Tom Bilyeu's show 'impact theory', I listen to you on you tube, I listen to you on Instagram. Sometimes I feel you are the voice on my head finding an expression You show me the value of this life You show me the importance of … Continue reading Gary Vee


If you ever feel lonely Struggling in the sea of suffering And you could not get out of it Will you remember me then? On rainy days If you ever see your gloomy face Because of the uncertainty of the rainbow Will you seek for me among the clouds? On the days When you will … Continue reading

I like being alone. In this big city, Staying alone in my room , Listening to music , I often wonder the amount of price I have been paying for my quietness. People think this is a weakness. Is it? I donot know. I also donot know what I am missing In the loneliness . … Continue reading

Long Journey

The open window Made us one We looked at the world together Before our departure .

শেষ সপ্তাহ

কাইলৈ মায়ে পায়স গোটাইছে | পুৱা আঠটাতে ল'ৰা ছোৱালীবোৰ আহিব | মই সৰু হৈ থাকোতেই প্ৰথমবাৰ এনে কৰিছিল | সেইবাৰ ক শ্ৰেণীৰ পৰীক্ষা আছিল | মোৰ মনত আছে, পিছৰ বছৰ প্ৰথম শ্ৰেণীৰ পৰীক্ষাৰ এবেলা শেষ হওঁতে জিৰণিৰ পৰত দেতাই পায়স লৈ গৈছিল টিফিনত | পিছে ৰাতিপুৱাৰ পৰা দুপৰীয়ালৈকে সময়চোৱাত পায়সখিনি চেঁচা হৈ পৰিছিল | এতিয়া … Continue reading শেষ সপ্তাহ


You may be lost Sometimes, somewhere You may be broken Often in life, by life Whenever you go through all these Just remember you are not alone You will be guided if you are conscious all the time. See those stars? You are made of them. You are ,we are star stuff as Carl Sagan … Continue reading Guides