I was looking at the mighty river. Along with other thousand thoughts That were making noise in my mind, I was wondering if I could get to copy The calmness it has. I was looking at the news My mighty river's flood has made millions of people homeless. I was wondering if I could do … Continue reading


In my place

এই বানত উটি নাযায় মোৰ সপোন চিন্তা নকৰিব ; মোৰ সপোন যোৱাটো বানেই ধুই নিলে। Don't worry This flood cannot take away my dream; Last year the flood taught me how to not dream. ( Assam has been effected by the flood every year. This is a sign of my powerlessness in front of the … Continue reading In my place

Water crisis

Some States are suffering from water scarcity My State is suffering from deadly flood. Science is still helpless To give my country a permanent solution.