Heart wants to tell

Everyone of us is struggling, right There’s a struggle to open an account with quality content. We have to give a lot of time to our blogs to maintain its quality. To upload a quality content takes time. To feel the embarrassment of sharing the link to the WhatsApp status is a struggle. Our soContinue reading “Heart wants to tell”

উদ্ভাসিত (চতুৰ্থ খণ্ড)

মোৰ সপোন মোৰ লগতেই একেলগে ডাঙৰ হৈ আহিছিল। ডাঙৰ মানে অন্য নহয়- ম‌ই তেতিয়ালৈ জানিছিলো বহু কথা। মোৰ সপোনৰ কথা। ইতিমধ্যে ভণ্টিও স্কুললৈ যাবলৈ আৰম্ভ কৰিছিল। তাই স্কুললৈ যাবলৈ ভাল পোৱা নাছিল। তাই পিছে কন্দা কটা কৰাবিধৰ নাছিল। নিজে ঘৰলৈ গুছি গুছি আহিছিল।মা সেয়ে গোটেই দিনটো স্কুলত তাইৰ কাৰণে থাকিব লাগিছিল। মই পঢ়াত ভাল আছিলো,Continue reading “উদ্ভাসিত (চতুৰ্থ খণ্ড)”


The artists- They are spreading love They are one of the reasons I stop and realize What we are capable of creating, They are the rays of hope Whenever I feel insecure. I know it’s very very hard To be recognized And to be paid for what you create It sometimes doesn’t pay your billsContinue reading “Artists”


You can understand The direction of your thoughts When you write them. It helps To change your direction – If you are being too much negative If you are being too much positive If you are only daydreaming about imaginary problems If you are too much detached from the real world. That’s why you shouldContinue reading “Write”

A Child’s Growing Up

With the growing age Most of us forget To smile That used to be a part of us Every single moment in childhood. Everything becomes hard- Hard to get a good college Hard to get a good degree Hard to get a good job Hard to get satisfaction in anything Hard to remain healthy HardContinue reading “A Child’s Growing Up”

Gary Vee

Thank you! Thank you for everything. I found you on Tom Bilyeu’s show ‘impact theory’, I listen to you on you tube, I listen to you on Instagram. Sometimes I feel you are the voice on my head finding an expression You show me the value of this life You show me the importance ofContinue reading “Gary Vee”

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