A Child’s Growing Up

With the growing age Most of us forget To smile That used to be a part of us Every single moment in childhood. Everything becomes hard- Hard to get a good college Hard to get a good degree Hard to get a good job Hard to get satisfaction in anything Hard to remain healthy Hard … Continue reading A Child’s Growing Up




Gary Vee

Thank you! Thank you for everything. I found you on Tom Bilyeu's show 'impact theory', I listen to you on you tube, I listen to you on Instagram. Sometimes I feel you are the voice on my head finding an expression You show me the value of this life You show me the importance of … Continue reading Gary Vee

2.19 AM

Sunsets wait in vain, Sunrises wait in vain, Blue sky waits in vain, Yellow stars wait in vain, Raindrops wait in vain, For whom? For me? For you? Are you too busy to notice? Like me?

1.41 AM

It's sad to see Decisions ,going pretty well for a long time, Suddenly react strangely, Opening the door for chaos again.

1:50 AM

বহুতো কথা মোতেই আৰম্ভ হৈ মোৰ মাজতেই বিলীন হৈ যায় থাকি যায় কেৱল যাক লৈ সৃষ্টি সেই কথাবোৰৰ তেওঁক ক'ব নোৱাৰাৰ হতাশা । Many things starts And ends inside me Leaving The frustration Of not being able To tell the one For whom These words Are created.

If you ever feel lonely Struggling in the sea of suffering And you could not get out of it Will you remember me then? On rainy days If you ever see your gloomy face Because of the uncertainty of the rainbow Will you seek for me among the clouds? On the days When you will … Continue reading


Frustrating thoughts Frustrating experiences Frustrating observations Frustrating conversations Frustrating failures Frustrating judgements Frustrating laziness Frustrating loneliness Frustrating politics Frustrating wars Frustrating pollution Frustrating noise Frustrating news Frustrating mosquitoes Frustrating truths ... Yet there is beauty Worth praising. ... Beautiful raindrops Beautiful fear of the thunder Beautiful hearts Beautiful ability to not give up Beautiful kindness … Continue reading Life

মাজ ৰাতিৰ এই স্থিৰতাই ঢাকি ৰাখে নেকি পুৱাৰ অনিশ্চয়তাৰ সংকেত ? Does this stillness Of the midnight Hide the uncertainty of tomorrow ?

হাত মেলিলেই চুব পৰা এই অকণমান দূৰত্বৰ মূল্যৱান মুকুতা-মণিবোৰ সদায় হেৰুৱাওঁ মই । I always miss the opportunity To have the pearls That touch my soul , That exist in this small distance from myself.