Only the darkness can transform Everything you fear Into tears That's why night is my favorite.


The full moon cries, ''O my child, why don't you look at me? You could also enjoy my struggle To get out of the arms of the golden clouds tonight.'' But do we hear the sound of that musical voice? We have become too busy to stop for a moment And to feel ourselves alive … Continue reading

The emptiness of words In our minds Could be a blessing At the moments When we forget The reality Around us.

মোৰ বন্ধু পৃথিৱীত যিমানেই পৰিবৰ্তন নহওক কিয় তোৰ দৰে মানুহবোৰে মোক মই হৈ থকাত সহায় কৰে । তোৰ সৰলতাৰ মান পৃথিৱীৰ বজাৰবোৰৰ জটিলতাই যাতে হেয় কৰিব নোৱাৰে চাবি ভালকৈ । তই তোৰ সপোন চুগৈ যা মই জানো কেৱল নামৰ পাছত দৌৰা মানুহৰ মাজত তই জিলিকি থাকিবি, নীৰৱে ।

মাজ ৰাতিৰ এই স্থিৰতাই ঢাকি ৰাখে নেকি পুৱাৰ অনিশ্চয়তাৰ সংকেত ? Does this stillness Of the midnight Hide the uncertainty of tomorrow ?

হাত মেলিলেই চুব পৰা এই অকণমান দূৰত্বৰ মূল্যৱান মুকুতা-মণিবোৰ সদায় হেৰুৱাওঁ মই । I always miss the opportunity To have the pearls That touch my soul , That exist in this small distance from myself.

A Night Well Spent

Everyone seemed to be hidden Behind the vail of their sadness ,which no one knew about The fire was trying hard to fight against the 13'C cold There was not a single smile in the group of the six people of the family I took a seat there I started telling some real experiences of … Continue reading A Night Well Spent

A Short Journey

I took my father's motorcycle And went to the place he told me to go On the way I met people of my village Saw them doing simple things Some were busy bringing the cattles home from grazing Some were cleaning the front yard of their homes The setting sun with its redish colour Made … Continue reading A Short Journey