In my place

এই বানত উটি নাযায় মোৰ সপোন

চিন্তা নকৰিব ;

মোৰ সপোন যোৱাটো বানেই ধুই নিলে।

Don’t worry

This flood cannot take away my dream;

Last year the flood taught me how to not dream.

( Assam has been effected by the flood every year. This is a sign of my powerlessness in front of the nature and reality. Though I am not effected by the flood, almost 2.6 million people of Assam already effected by this year’s flood. It has been raining here for many days. Assam is full of rivers and it makes the situation worse. There are big dams on many rivers and they have to release water in order to save dams from destruction. This makes flood much more effective than before. )

Published by Pritam

An introvert observer trying to express experiences and imaginations in the form of words.

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