I was looking at the mighty river. Along with other thousand thoughts That were making noise in my mind, I was wondering if I could get to copy The calmness it has. I was looking at the news My mighty river's flood has made millions of people homeless. I was wondering if I could do … Continue reading


Old days had problems of their own Still the present seems to be more problematic.

It's okay to get angry with your loved ones, We all experience that, But don't take too much time, To forgive, To make everything okay As we all have limited time on Earth.

Inactivity creates chaos. Activity brings order. You decide what you want.


When we were young Relationships were simpler. We played together We fought together We swam together We ate together We listened to stories together- We were together. Time turned us into adults; Confused , We have become too self aware Making ourselves busy in finding a place in the world.


She will be like that idiot wind Who gives me a reason to feel My being as it is.


It is a continuous process We all got to go through it everyday. Don't worry you are not alone As human beings we all share that experience.

প্ৰাণ আৰু প্ৰাণ

(24/11/2017) ইমানদিনে কাৰ বাবে সাঁচি ৰাখিছোঁ মোক অস্থিৰ কৰি ৰখা চকুপানীৰ টোপালটোক? জীৱন! কিয় বুজা নাই মই জীৱনক! বাৰে বাৰে চকুৰ ফালৰ দুৱাৰখন ভাঙি ওলাব খোজে সেই টোপালটো | কিয় সান্তনাৰে সজতনে থৈছোঁ তাক? বুজি নাপাওঁ কিজানি সেইদিনৰ বাবেই যিদিনা বহুৰাতিৰ ভোক প্ৰাণত লৈও হাঁহিব জনা মানুহবোৰে বন্ধ কৰিব নিজক বুজনি দিয়া আৰু শিকিব ভাবিবলৈ … Continue reading প্ৰাণ আৰু প্ৰাণ

In my place

এই বানত উটি নাযায় মোৰ সপোন চিন্তা নকৰিব ; মোৰ সপোন যোৱাটো বানেই ধুই নিলে। Don't worry This flood cannot take away my dream; Last year the flood taught me how to not dream. ( Assam has been effected by the flood every year. This is a sign of my powerlessness in front of the … Continue reading In my place

Water crisis

Some States are suffering from water scarcity My State is suffering from deadly flood. Science is still helpless To give my country a permanent solution.