Heart wants to tell

Everyone of us is struggling, right There’s a struggle to open an account with quality content. We have to give a lot of time to our blogs to maintain its quality. To upload a quality content takes time. To feel the embarrassment of sharing the link to the WhatsApp status is a struggle. Our so called friends see the status and go forward without clicking on the link. When personally requested to read a content they say yes,but donot give damn to do so. It’s very hard to open an account on Instagram and put quality content without getting appreciated. People with low quality content (?) or photos get all the attention and we,who worked hard,get ignored. I donot want to believe in luck. But luck matters. I have seen people with great content getting attention and at the same time with the same quality content there are more people who get ignored. It’s very very embarrassing to use so many hashtags to get more audience after continuously adding quality contents. People may think I’m only doing it for fame/money etc etc. But what is the point of writing if I’m not able to get audience, readers. Without readers what is the point of writing? I know most of us are struggling. Blogging have taken one year of my life already and returning a very good amount of experience . I love you all who read my contents, post a comment or hit a like. It helps me to keep going. It has helped me to understand the real friends. In the time of struggling,we are going and growing together. Thank you so much. I feel very very disappointed sometimes.But in the same time I feel gratitude. Gratitude for having connected to different people of different parts of the world. Isn’t it amazing how the so called boundaries,borders cannot make our experiences as human beings different? We all are human beings and we all have same kind of feelings,fears, anxiety, disappointments, love, experiences…

It’s really really amazing to have you all reading my writings from a part of the world different than yours.

Thank you!

Published by Pritam

An introvert observer trying to express experiences and imaginations in the form of words.

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