Heart wants to tell

Everyone of us is struggling, right There's a struggle to open an account with quality content. We have to give a lot of time to our blogs to maintain its quality. To upload a quality content takes time. To feel the embarrassment of sharing the link to the WhatsApp status is a struggle. Our so … Continue reading Heart wants to tell

Frustration is Watching people appreciate (like and comment on social media) Someone posting a cover of a book Instead of your carefully combined words.

She Came Back

She wasn't home last time I went home; She had gone to some unknown place I wonder how she survived! It's great to see you again dear, I missed your presence in the mornings; When I would open the door and call your name And you would not be there, waiting for me. Talking to … Continue reading She Came Back


Everyone carries at least one story That is desired To become reality. Everyone creates at least one obstacle That prohibits the story From being able to be real. Recognize your obstacle Have courage Fight that obstacle Live your story.

Sleep early. Stay healthy.😔


#1 3 idiots(2009). It tells the audience, specially the young ones, about education, success, friendship, rat race, courage, innovation…. It also has a great sense of humor. It was the first movie that inspired me to view life from a different perspective. 3 idiots is a Bollywood film staring Amir Khan, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, … Continue reading Movies


Every improvement Loses its value gradually Leading to a new improvement.

জীৱন বাস্তৱ হ‌ওক

জীৱনক এখন এখন স্ক্ৰীণত আবদ্ধ কৰা আমিবোৰে নিজৰ গুৰুত্ব বুজিবলৈ লৈছো আমাৰ স্ক্ৰীণবোৰত ভাঁহি অহা আনৰ পছন্দ (লাইক) মন্তব্য (কমেণ্ট) অথবা দৰ্শনৰ(ভিউজ) সংখ্যাৰে। আমি 'আমি' হ'ব লাগিব। তেওঁ নাজানে তোমাক তুমি নাজানা তেওঁক জানিবলৈ চোৱাচোন তেওঁ যেতিয়া বাস্তৱ হৈ তোমাক এষাৰ মাত দিয়ে তুমি 'তুমি' হোৱা তেওঁ 'তেওঁ' হ‌ওক শব্দবোৰ সঁচা হ‌ওক দৌৰবোৰে অৰ্থ পাওক … Continue reading জীৱন বাস্তৱ হ‌ওক


You Made Me Alive Again Keeping Me Away From The Burden Of Life's Problems. I love you nature.