You show me your real self and nothing else

When you treat us like we are nothing

Just because you have the power

To give us marks and

The power to fail anyone of us .

What do I feel in such situations?

Maybe pity for your small kingdom of yourself where you sink in power

Or maybe frustration of the powerlessness of us

I wonder how you enjoy your life

Destroying other lives by not doing your duty well

Or by destroying their confidence for good with your words.

These hard concepts

You leave them without even touching for once

Do you think we can do it ourselves just by looking at useless xerox of notes you provided instead of lectures?

Why are you playing with education of ours?

Why are you turning us into a machine who cannot think but memorize?

We, students, donot care what you know

We care how you teach what you know

We care how we feel when you treat us like nothing

We care about the useless system where nothing happens according to time

We care about our futures.

(PS. Exceptions are always there)

Published by Pritam

An introvert observer trying to express experiences and imaginations in the form of words.

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