2.19 AM

Sunsets wait in vain, Sunrises wait in vain, Blue sky waits in vain, Yellow stars wait in vain, Raindrops wait in vain, For whom? For me? For you? Are you too busy to notice? Like me?

1.41 AM

It's sad to see Decisions ,going pretty well for a long time, Suddenly react strangely, Opening the door for chaos again.

Only the darkness can transform Everything you fear Into tears That's why night is my favorite.

How much lonely you are? Do you have any idea? I'm going through a disease And I have no one except my family To even talk To reduce the fear And to deal with the uncertainty of life. If you have someone Who asks How you are You are way too lucky Most of the … Continue reading


You show me your real self and nothing else When you treat us like we are nothing Just because you have the power To give us marks and The power to fail anyone of us . What do I feel in such situations? Maybe pity for your small kingdom of yourself where you sink in … Continue reading University

No matter What happens to the world But stopping for a minute And taking a deep breath Would always make people Living their lives again.

1:50 AM

বহুতো কথা মোতেই আৰম্ভ হৈ মোৰ মাজতেই বিলীন হৈ যায় থাকি যায় কেৱল যাক লৈ সৃষ্টি সেই কথাবোৰৰ তেওঁক ক'ব নোৱাৰাৰ হতাশা । Many things starts And ends inside me Leaving The frustration Of not being able To tell the one For whom These words Are created.