Dear readers, I am on quora. One day I got a question about what major to choose at college/ university . The person who asked the question was also worried about the fact that he was unable to know what his passion was. Here’s what I answered from my point of view –

Don’t worry, you are not alone. You are thinking about your passion that’s a good thing. But remember passion is not a straight answer which you will get right after asking a question. You have to be patient. Passion isn’t something which you want to become but something which you really are. Just keep going through life.

And deciding a major is a tough decision. But you know what, I have seen people who had taken a major that they loved and couldn’t succeed or be happy at the end . I have also seen people who had taken a major that they didn’t love and became successful and happy at the end(Though happiness cannot be seen from outside, still one can feel it if one studies the other person. ) Our interests change with time. What really matters is that dedication you put and smart work you do with any subject. So don’t worry if you didn’t find your passion and the right major. Put your full energy in that particular major subject you get.

Thanks for reading !


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