Are You Afraid of Mathematics?

I made a mistake after watching some fiction movies about some fictional genius characters of maths . I thought I have to be a genius who understands anything in just one try and I lost confidence . The result of that confidenceless me is that I ended up scoring 80 in maths in my 12th while I got 99 in math and 97 in advanced math in 10th ( though marks can’t fully measure one’s intelligence, one must agree that without a proper knowledge no one can get good marks) . So I think you can learn from my mistakes. Don’t worry if you can’t understand a thing in one try. Try and try and try until you understand it so beautifully that you can teach that topic to anyone so simply. And believe me ,if you don’t know the basics that are taught in high school, you are going to find maths so difficult. But don’t worry once again, you have enough time to clear these concepts. So whenever anything occurs that you can’t understand, be sure that you clearly understand the basic concepts require for that higher concept. And the most important thing, don’t hesitate to ask for help from anyone who knows that topic. That anyone maybe your friend or your teacher. You can learn yourself but it may take so much time. That was one of my main mistakes while reading maths. I hesitated to take help thinking that someone will laugh at me.

Published by Pritam

An introvert observer trying to express experiences and imaginations in the form of words.

2 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Mathematics?

  1. So true what you say. You know you understand something if you can teach it to someone else. It is a great way to know if you understand it if you can convince someone to let you teach it to them.

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