Richard Feynman’s ‘ What Do You Care What Other People Think? ‘

Richard Feynman is one of the greatest scientists our world has ever produced. He was also a good teacher. He could teach hard scientific knowledge to the general public with great simplicity. One year back when I was pursuing my Higher Secondary (12th grade) , I found many scientific ideas hard to understand. So I took help of you tube videos. I came to know about Feynman only then. I watched the ‘ Fantastic Mr Feynman ‘ ,the BBC documentary on him and I was inspired by his life. Quite co-incidentally I bought a book from a book fair named ‘ প্ৰতিভাৰ উত্স’ ,an Assamese book. If I translate it to English the name of the book would be ‘ Source of Inspiration ‘ . The first lesson of book was about Feynman. There was some inspiring stories from his life. I always love reading the biographies of great people . Quite interestingly I love to know the persons more than their discoveries or inventions. So I was wanting more and more contents to know Mr Feynman. After searching in the internet I came to know about his books including his lecture series. One of those was ‘ What Do You Care What Other People Think ‘ . I found the title so interesting. At that time I was thinking about changing my stream to Arts from science and people opposed that decision . Dear readers , you may find it hard to believe that in my place it’s so hard to change stream like that . People always discuss about it and make you feel like failure as if you were taking that decision because you are not a good student . But I was a good student . I took the decision because I understood that it would be good for me . So in that circumstances the title of the book gave me enough courage .
Finally I bought the book . It’s really inspiring. Thank you Mr Feynman ! And this is the power of books/words . The person who wrote it may not be alive in bodily form but he/she always remains close to those who read his words and it inspires generations after generations to do something valuable.


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