I didn’t like music when I was a child. We had a black and white TV back then and the only channel we could watch was DD national. Every sunday there was a movie going on the channel. We used to watch it and I didn’t like the song part. May be the language was the barrier as I didn’t understand hindi then. Whenever there was a song going on the movie, I went outside and used to come back after ending of the song.

When I was in class VI, the legendary Dr Bhupen Hazarika passed away. He was one of the greatest singer, songwriter in Assam . The people of Assam showed their respect to the great artist. The regional news channels also did shows on the life of Dr Hazarika. My father bought a music CD of Dr Hazarika named ‘Pratidhwani Xunu ‘ . I listened to all the songs and felt amazing! He had so powerful lyrics and I loved it. For the first time in my life I loved music! I feel myself so lucky that I started loving music listening to Dr Hazarika .

Then I started listening more songs. My second music CD was a collection of Zubeen Garg’s songs. I loved it too.

Till then I was listening to only Assamese songs. In class VIII, my father bought a new phone which supported playing music and I collected a few Hindi and English songs from my cousin. Shreya Ghosal’s Raabta was the first hindi song that touched my heart! Shreya Ghosal has been one of my all time favorite singers.

I started listening English songs with Owl City. The song was ‘Fuzzy Blue lights ‘. I didn’t understand the English lyrics back then, yet the music was so good. My love for Owl City has been only increasing as I understand the lyrics now which is really beautiful.

I listen to all kinds of good music available. My all time favorite musicians / bands(the list will be increased with time) are – Dr Bhupen Hazarika, Zubeen Garg, Shreya Ghosal, Angarag Mahanta, Owl City, Mozart, Beethoven, Bob Dylan,AR Rehman, Coldplay, John Lennon ,Katy Perry…

So this was my journey of finding the love of music. Music helps everyone to feel better but one has to be careful with what to listen.

Thank you for reading!


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