Why is Mathematics so important?

Mathematics is the language of the universe. It also helps other fields like physics ,chemistry etc. When something is proved mathematically it is considered as truth. Everything around us (don’t know about the emotions, experiences etc) can be put into mathematical equations. Even the football has an equation!

But it is not likely that everyone is going to study mathematics ( in higher studies). Still it never leaves anyone alone. If we don’t know basics of mathematics ie numbers and simple calculations, we cannot survive in this world. The concept of 1,2,3… may seem to be so simple, but imagine a day without these. Even total no of members of family, your phone, cycle, car etc etc is basically mathematics.


4 thoughts on “Why is Mathematics so important?

  1. The highest form of pure thought is in mathematics.It can be related to our lives.It teach us to always be careful with the signs.Keep it up friend.


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