I didn't like music when I was a child. We had a black and white TV back then and the only channel we could watch was DD national. Every sunday there was a movie going on the channel. We used to watch it and I didn't like the song part. May be the language was … Continue reading Music


  তাৰ কোঠাৰ পৰা কিবা শব্দ আহি থাকে । মই যোৱা এসপ্তাহ ধৰি লক্ষ্য কৰি আছো ।ৰাতি দুটালৈ সাৰে থকাৰ অন্য কাৰণ নাছিল ।অহা সপ্তাহৰ পৰা পৰীক্ষা ।এবছৰে নপঢ়াখিনি এদিনত পঢ়াৰ বৃথা চেষ্টা ! মই খিৰিকী মেলি দিওঁ । জোনাক ভাল লাগেনে নাই নাজানো! কিন্তু বাহিৰৰ অন্ধকাৰ জগতখন ভাল লাগে ।নীৰৱ জগতখন ভাল লাগে । … Continue reading জোনাক

Why is Mathematics so important?

Mathematics is the language of the universe. It also helps other fields like physics ,chemistry etc. When something is proved mathematically it is considered as truth. Everything around us (don't know about the emotions, experiences etc) can be put into mathematical equations. Even the football has an equation! But it is not likely that everyone … Continue reading Why is Mathematics so important?